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Carmen Alcade

Carmen Alcade

Extremadura - Spain

I am interested in the poetic, political and ritual dimensions of dance, capable of having an impact on our subjectivities, creating new ways of being in the world and relating to others.
I studied social education, cultural anthropology, sexology and arts education and theater. In 2005 I discovered Contact Improvisation, falling in love and deepening my practice with different teachers, among whom I highlight the influence of Cristiane Boullosa, Eckhard Müller, Daniela Schwartz, Konstantinos Gerardos, Fernando Neder, Martin Keogh and Cristina Turdo.
Residing in Chile in 2011, I started teaching CI and since then I have regularly led courses. In 2012, I moved to a town in Extremadura with a group of friends to undertake a collective living project which developed for 5 years with a horizontal and assembled structure. Moved by the processes of change through self-management and the dynamics that emerge from them, I studied group process facilitation and Gestalt psychotherapy, finding various connections between these areas and IQ as a social dance.
As an IC teacher I have participated in the Contact festivals in Asturias, Madrid, Cardedeu and Italy and other events such as "Pirineos en Danza", "Namoreira" or "Itineranzza". With Lucía Sánchez, Ernesto Novales and Fabien Fefebre, she co-organized the “CI Danzas Magas Meeting” (7 editions). Since 2017 I have co-hosted with Lucía Sánchez the workshops “Espacios ( ) entre _La vida y la danza” and since 2020, the “Enramando” project with Ernesto Novales. I teach self-care workshops through movement and voice for women and participate in mixed-gender projects that promote gender equality in rural schools.
Since 2017, I have managed and lived in La Enramada, a meeting, retreat and creation space located in nature. It is here that I mainly teach, organize and host artistic residencies and from where I support individual therapeutic processes with a gender perspective.

Links / Videos
“Sitting in uncertainty” La Enramada, April 2020

Meeting Contact End of year, Lalita Devi, 2019-2020
“Metamorphosis”, video by Víctor Orive, Gredos, May 2021”
Contact Impro Workshop “Spaces ( ) between _ Life and dance” La Vera, May 2019

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