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International Contact Improvisation Festival En Provence

Summer - 20-26 July 2024 - Rustrel - 10th Edition

Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance (Flying Low), Workshops, Jams, Underscore, Live music, Nature.

10th edition of the Festival de Danse Contact Improvisation de la Provence, in Rustrel, one of the most beautiful villages in France, located north of Apt and at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse. A unique opportunity of immersion for 7 days, for 35 participants, to experience an exploration of dance and movement with quality workshops, jams, live music and many other proposals to share.

  • To whom we address: The event is open to all those who wish to share, learn or get a deeper experience in Contact Improvisation Dance. Space open to all levels, beginners and advanced and professional dancers.

  • Days and hours: From Saturday July 20th afternoon to Friday 26 July in the afternoon.

  • Places available: Limited to 35 and will be accepted in order of registration.

  • Location: Rustrel (Provence). Professional dance space with a high quality wooden dance floor.

  • Food: Vegan meals concocted from fresh, quality products and supplied locally wherever possible. Cristina Moncunill will be our cook. His culinary skills are simply extraordinary. She says: Vegan cooking, instead of limiting me, opened up a culinary panorama for me that enriched my dishes, not only visually but also nutritionally. In 2021, at the head of the Casa Albets kitchen, we obtained the Michelin Green Star and the Bib Gourmand. My motto is: “simple, local, tasty and healthy”. Enjoy your food!



This festival was born from an initiative between a brother and a sister and their passion for dance. Mercè Nebot, who has lived in French Provence for 20 years, and Pep Nebot, who lives in Barcelona, have joined forces to create this space for sharing dance, creation and beauty.
At each edition, people of different nationalities have gathered for the Festival, in particular from France and Spain, but each year other nationalities join us, which is very enriching and allows the establishment of a cultural bridge around art, dance and creativity.

In this festival we want to prioritize some approaches:
• Quality pedagogy in Contact Improvisation dance to promote better body awareness;

• Welcoming a small group that will live together for a week an intimate and profound human adventure. We want to generate a sense of belonging to the group and a sense of community, by creating an inclusive, generous and supportive environment;

• Contact with nature, surround yourself with aesthetic beauty and charismatic villages of the deep Provence;

• The cultural exchange between participants, locals and international visitors; We have already experienced on many occasions that, when people with different cultures and life experiences get together, we all grow in a spiral of creativity and self-knowledge;

• Live Contact Improvisation in its essence, with its living principles present at all times: self-respect and respect for the other, sense of group, security and creativity, movement in gravity, contact, attention and self-knowledge, among others.



Below there is a more detailed description of the participants and their workshop proposals. Here there is a short synthesis:

Les Intervenants

Svitlana Pashko

Professional dancer, performer, choreographer, dance teacher, organizer of festivals and workshops on CI and everything around CI. Certified massage therapist of Chiand Mai school (Thailand). She is dancing more than 30 years. Last 18 years she has been living in exploaring Contact Improvisation and always looking into other body-oriented practices.

Les Intervenants

Jérôme D'Orso

Jérôme d’Orso uttering movement, wire-frame artist, dancer. A graduate in biology and psychology, Jérôme apprenticed in the performing arts and became an actor-acrobat, high wire artist, dancer and choreographer. The art he practices is essentially based on three approaches to movement: acrobatic theater, the Axis Syllabus, and traditional Martial Arts. These three lessons complement each other or come together in the interpretation, in the transmission, or in the support of artistic projects. He is co-creator of the company Les Art’s Felus and dances for various companies. He is now a certified Axis Syllabus teacher, and an active member of the Axis Syllabus International Research Meshwork.

Les Intervenants

Mercè Nebot
Barcelone - Avignon - France

Passionate dancer and instructor of Wutao and free dance. With her own creation ORGANIK DANCE, she will offer us a workshop to reconnect with her interiority, her rhythm, her creativity and embark on a sensitive, jubilant and revitalizing dance journey.

Les Intervenants

Pep Nebot

Contact Impro dancer for 15 years, he has participated in workshops with Nancy Stark and in more than 20 international Contact festivals. He also professionally practices contemporary and acrobatic dance.

Les Intervenants

Sébasien Prats

Vocal practice and Jam music. A self-taught author, composer and performer for over 20 years, Sébastien Prats offers an artistic originality that transcends borders. Close to nature and its energies, he draws his inspiration, his poetry and his ability to create magnetic, bewitching and singular sound spaces.


Structure of the intensives



Mind the attention

Focused moving and resting bodies

In recent years, in my contact improvisation classes, I have paid more attention to the place where my attention is located, in the moment of movement or rest of our physical bodies. When (and if) I managed to return and collect my attention to myself, then from there I can start to notice and observe how I can consciously choose to dance and live in a larger size than the boundaries of my skin and live in embodied experience of the state and feeling that we are not separate from a partner or the floor, or everything that we touch with our attention. It's about being present in the moment and slightly observing those states when I am no longer sure whether it is my body or my mind is moving. That is the place where I am now.
It is getting more and more difficult for me to write texts to describe what will be in my classes. If I try to be more precise with my words it might sound like this:

In my intensive, I will offer a context in which we can pay attention to where we are, where our attention is, and then from this place and state we will find and manifest ourselves in the happening shapes and lines of our bodies. And perhaps we will come to such a state of attention and presence, in which at each moment of time in this particular situation and moment there is an optimal movement that no one does, and which flows through us as our individual prayer in this present moment. This couldn't help but happen, it can't happen any other way than the way it is now. Can we rest in this realisation, can we “stay” here in this moment and let this movement truly to happen rather then running after my efforts to invent every new movement.

It might not sound like a description for a contact improvisation class, perhaps. But we will move in the context of CI - I promise you that.

Jérôme d’Orso (France)



Our noblest Fauves - The art of synergy

“Freedom exists: it is the art of arranging the irrigation systems within oneself which bring out emancipatory desires, and nourish our noblest beasts. »
Baptiste Morizot

Alongside our societies of total control and the predatory relationships that the modern world maintains with “its environment”, a relational poetics emerges in which “nature” is no longer an object external to humans. Humans are recognized in their animality, they are part of the living world, and they can finally understand that the interactions they have with “others” (animals, plants, natural spaces) can be respectful, attentive, cooperative. , and no longer in a unilateral destructive exploitation.
For three decades, the Axis Syllabus, by studying the body in movement, has highlighted the masterful genius of our human vehicle to adapt, integrate, and respond to the conditions of life on earth. It is an ideal tool, it seems to me, for questioning our divisive heritages and the preconceived schemas that made us “separate beings”, and for tracking within ourselves the traces of our animality. This, in our body, is not bestial, nor ferocious, but curves, nuances, delicacy, a functional intelligence that we can recognize as a marvel of the living world.
I suggest, during these moments of sharing in contact improvisation, to go on the lookout, to track the traces of our animality in our bodies and in those of our playing partners, to integrate their potential, to respect them. limits. I would like to accompany you towards a joyful appropriation of our discoveries, with possible risks, jumps, daring tumbles, moments of grace.

Axis Syllabus – What is it?
The Axis Syllabus is a disciplinary field for the human body in movement based not on a specific aesthetic, but on scientific data bases. Elementary physics, physiology, anatomy, biomechanics..., the AS compiles and updates all information useful for understanding human movement. AS teachers and researchers transmit this knowledge by creating educational tools designed to develop in their students this spirit of research which leads them to autonomy in learning, and responsibility towards their body. . From this intention comes adaptability, the sequential harmony of efforts, the sensitive use of the elasticity of our tissues, respect and integrity of the joints, the development in oneself of the physical forces implicitly present in the curves and spirals which make up our moving architecture.

Silvia Sampon.jpg


Cristina Moncunill embodies vegetarian gastronomy with passion and excellence. Her dishes, based on quality local produce, tell unique culinary stories. In 2021, at Casa Albets, she was awarded the Michelin Green Star and the Bib Gourmand, in recognition of her commitment to environmentally-friendly and accessible cuisine.

Each dish she creates is an invitation to a sensory journey where flavours blend harmoniously, reflecting her human and sustainable vision of gastronomy.



Rustrel is a village located north of Apt and at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse. Its open-air ocher quarries, fully exploited in the past, have made it rich and continue through tourism with those of the "Colorado Provençal". Its dirt trails allow you to discover eroded cliffs with more than 20 shades of ochre2, hoodoos, etc. They date from the Cretaceous and are composed mainly of ochreous sands, white sands and ferruginous cuirasses.

The privileged environment: The Provençal Colorado extends over more than 30 hectares, in the Luberon massif, about 10 km from Apt1. Marked trails run through former ocher quarries with more than 20 shades of ochre. The site includes the "Cirque de Barriès", the "Cirque de Bouvène", settling basins, fairy chimneys (dangerous area prohibited by municipal decree), the "Sahara", the bed of the Dôa (small local river) . The GR 6 long-distance footpath crosses the site. The colors of the ochres of the Provençal Colorado contrast with the shades of green of the vegetation and the white of the surrounding limestone massifs.

To get to Rustrel: From Avignon:

Bus Line 915 Avignon-Apt

Then Bus Line 916 Apt-Sault --- Get off at Rustrel.


XII century Château de Rustrel located in the center of the village

This XII century castle has recently been restored and we continue to add a new touch to it every year. Nevertheless, it is a princely stopover that is offered to you with dinners in the amphitheater at the foot of the castle on sunny days, rooms for 2 and dormitories with 3, 4 and 6 beds and a large common room in ground floor. As it is in the center of the village, it is also an opportunity to take a short tour of the oil mill or simply listen to your footsteps echo in the cobbled streets.


Price WITH accommodation in Rustrel castle (ony 30 beds):

  • Early Bird until June 20, 2024: €495

  • After JUne 20, 2024: €535

Price WITHOUT accommodation in Rustrel castle:

  • Early Bird until June 20, 2024: €415

  • After June 20, 2024: €455

To reserve the place, you must pay the deposit of €100, and the rest can be transferred or paid in cash at the event.

What is included in the price:

  • Accommodation in Rustrel Castle in shared rooms. People will be distributed as they register. (for those who pay the price with accommodation).

  • All lunches and dinners, with organic vegetarian cuisine.

  • Use of the common spaces of the castle, dining room, bathrooms, terraces, etc.

  • All workshops and jams.

  • Liability insurance.


What is not included in the price:

  • Breakfasts (the dining room of the Castle will be available to all participants). However, coffee and tea will always be available to everyone. A refrigerator will also be made available to all participants.



To reserve your place you must register in the registration form and pay the deposit of €100 to confirm your reservation, and the rest can be transferred before the event or paid in cash on the first day of the event.

The transfer of the deposit can be made to a Spanish or French bank, or by Paypal:

• Spanish bank: IBAN: ES47 0081 0900 8000 0334 3240SWIFT: BSABESBBXXX (Owner: José Nebot Muns)

• French bank: IBAN : FR76 1390 6001 4200 1891 0602 595 / BIC : AGRIFRPP839 / Association Corps Raccords

• Paypal: If you choose to pay pay Paypal, there is an applyed commission that can vary from €5 (Euro zone) to €20 (Israel or Australlia for instance). Due the this high quantities, we will ask you to pay us back this commission in cash in the festival. Thanks for understanding.

When making the transfer, write in the concept "your name and surname + Festival Provence". For international transfers, make sure that the amount being sent is free of bank commissions.

Contact and information:


CANCELLATION POLICY: If the workshop is canceled for a reason attributable to the organization or beyond its control, the organization has the obligation to refund the total amount paid by the participant. If the participant cancels, we regret that we cannot make any refunds, due to all the administrative work and in order to ensure the sustainability of the event. Make sure you have the dates available.

PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: In accordance with the provisions of current regulations, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into a file owned by Associació E Motion Bodies Handstand. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to


IMAGE RIGHTS: By completing and submitting this form, you authorize Associació E Motion Bodies Handstand to take photos of you to illustrate the materials for the dissemination of the activities that are carried out. The images can be broadcast on any medium (TV, press, internet, external media, promotional material, social networks, etc.). Distribution may only be made free of charge and for the purpose of disseminating the activities of the Associació E Motion Bodies Handstand. This authorization is completely free of charge and you agree not to claim any compensation, payment and / or indemnity in exchange for the authorization agreed with the Associació E Motion Bodies Handstand for the use of your image or the person that you represent.

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