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Professional cooker. Wishing to reconnect with my body and take better care of it, my passion for culinary creation was revealed several years ago with the discovery of healthy, living and conscious food. It is during my travels and encounters that my palette expands with new colors and flavors. Enriched by all these influences, my cuisine evolves with the seasons, my discoveries and inspirations. I am committed to offering a diet that respects the Living, which awakens the senses and consciousness, to allow everyone to connect to their body & to the nature that surrounds us. It is thanks to my cooking activity that I dive into the Universe of Contact Improv in 2021. This practice, which is taking up more and more space in my life, nourishes me deeply & connects me intensely to the Present! I have a lot of joy in combining these passions by cooking on events dedicated to dance, to take care of our bodies in motion.

For this week of Contact Impro festival, I will offer vegetarian meals concocted from fresh, quality products and supplied in a short circuit as much as possible. To take care of possible intolerances, they will be reduced in gluten, lactose-free and with a low glycemic index. Looking forward to feeding your dancing bodies, Ofée.

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